Eyelash Services

At Gloss we choose to use Silk eyelash extensions. Light to wear and they last the life of your natural lash (6-8 weeks).



- Ensure no make up is worn on the eye area for 12hrs prior to getting your extensions done

- Avoid oily creams and serums on the eye area for 24hrs prior to getting your extensions. These may leave a residue which will cause the glue to not set properly, resulting in fast lash fallout or us not being able to do them on the day.

-If we cannot apply lashes because pre-care was not done we will try to cleanse but may need to re-book


- No wetting your fresh extensions for at least 24hrs. This allows the glue to set properly

- Ensure you are keeping your extensions clean at least twice a week with our recommended lash cleanser. This will help prolong the life of your extensions

- Brush through your lashes twice a day to stop them clumping together

- Book in for infills every 2-3 weeks for maintenance

- Avoid oily creams and serums on the eye area. This may cause premature lash fallout

-Lash Aftercare Kits Available

FAQ About Eyelash Extensions

What are eyelash extensions?

Eyelash extensions are false lashes that we apply using lash adhesive to each lash, we use a mixture of silk and mink lashes. At gloss beauty we do classic sets which is one false lash to one of your own lashes and 3D lashes which are three finer lashes to each lash for a fuller, fluffier look. We customise each individual set depending on what look you are after and what we believe will suit your face shape, eye shape and what will sit well on your lashes. If you have very short fine lashes we would use shorter and thinner lashes so it won't damage your natural lash, and if you have full, thick lashes we can go longer if that's what you would like and thicker. Your lash tech will go through everything in your consultation 

How long do they last?

Depending how you look after them and what stage you are in your lash cycle, they should on average last at least 4 weeks

How often do i need an infill?

We recommend getting infills between 2-3 weeks

How do i look after my extensions?

- Brush through your lashes twice a day

- Clean your lashes with our recommended lash cleanser twice a week

- Do not pick or pull at them

- Avoid oily creams and serums on the eye area to prolong the life of your extensions

How do i remove them?

We offer removal in salon with a specialised adhesive remover. This is the only safe way of extension removal (ie will not cause lash damage) 

For any further questions please contact us on 9607 7277