Spray Tan

At Gloss Beauty Salon we choose to use the Glow By Becca to suit any skin type and Sunescape 2hr tan, light, medium dark and ultra dark. Fair, freckled or olive, Glow By Becca and Sunescape have the most natural looking skin bronzing spray tan to suit everybody. These beautiful colours last and last and no strong odours. Your therapist will help choose a colour based on your skin tone, the event and your desired look which quickly develops in only two hours!


Tips for Spray Tanning

  1. Prepare your skin by exfoliating. This removes the top layer of dead skin cells and will make your tan last longer the day before.
  2. Shave or wax before you have your spray tan. Preferably 1 day before you get the tan.
  3. Avoid wearing perfume for a few days before you get your tan as some perfumes can permeate the skin and interfere with tanning solutions even if you have showered. This can create a peeling effect. There is no real way of knowing which products will affect your tan and which ones won’t.
  4. Skip deodorant, make up, and moisturiser on the day you are having your tan applied. Some of these can interfere with the tanning solution and prevent it getting to the skin. Some deodorants even turn the tanning solution green!
  5. Don’t shower first shower is just to get the tan residue off, do not use soap, shampoo, conditioner or a loufer and do not moisturise straight after, wait at LEAST 6 hours after that shower to have another one if desired
  6. Moisturise as often as possible once you have your tan to make it last longer. If dead skin cells are shed they will take your tan with them. Moisturiser will keep them attached to your body. At a minimum you should moisturise morning, night, and after taking a shower.